With synthetic text generation, a brand new dashboard and Db2 database integration

Vienna, Austria/New York, NY – March 10, 2022 - The most advanced synthetic data generator with synthetic text support is out now! Due to popular demand, MOSTLY AI's state of the art synthetic data generator got fitted with the best synthetic text capabilities. Customers need next level synthetic text generation and the team at MOSTLY AI listened. MOSTLY AI 2.1 offers language-agnostic synthetic text, which is so good, you'll think it's real! It preserves correlations and handles long pieces of text. 

Why use synthetic text? 

Synthetic text data is a versatile data generation tool. It's representative of the original, preserves context, and protects privacy. In terms of use cases, think test data generation as well as AI and advanced analytics. Synthetic text can replace sensitive text fields, providing a realistic, fast and context-aware alternative. For AI training and machine learning, synthetic financial transaction texts to find spending or fraud patterns, or medical diagnoses are good examples. For instance, the MOSTLY AI platform can synthesize representative medical records with up to 1000 characters long to train predictive and classification algorithms. Health insurance, financial analytics and machine learning applications will benefit greatly. 

Interactive dashboards and Db2 support

Providing user-friendly quality assurance feedback during data synthesization has long been a major focus for MOSTLY AI. Advanced QA reports can now be explored on interactive dashboards for checking the privacy and accuracy metrics of the generated synthetic dataset. Distributions, correlations, privacy and accuracy metrics are visible down to the last datapoint. When synthesizing entire databases, reports for all included tables are displayed. 

To support enterprise-wide synthetic data adoption, MOSTLY AI added the popular Db2 database family connection. And there is more to come. We are already working on the next release of MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generator.

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