New release of synthetic data platform incorporates interactive QA reports that can be generated and shared at speed

MOSTLY AI today launched the latest generation of its industry-leading synthetic data platform. In response to feedback, MOSTLY AI 2.4 now includes interactive QA reports of customers’ synthetic databases that can be downloaded and shared both within and outside their organizations. The report generation now takes seconds per table as opposed to minutes, resulting in the ability to immediately assess and share synthetic data quality including representation accuracy and privacy security. 

With improved interactive charts, customers can easily identify potential accuracy issues in the synthetic data. Explainer sections in the report further help someone reading the report to understand what they’re looking at. The QA report now also comes in a handy self-contained HTML document that retains all interactive charts upon sharing.

This feature update is highly valuable considering the number of people using synthetic data within organizations continues to grow.

Additionally, the relationship manager feature has been enhanced so customers can add and modify relationships between database tables to properly secure and accurately synthesize data assets and tailor the synthetic version of their databases entirely to their use case. It's specifically designed to help customers synthesize databases without schema or with partially defined relationships, for both small and large databases.

MOSTLY AI 2.4 is readily available in our free edition online. Sign up to MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data generator, and start experimenting with synthetic data today.