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Privacy & security in MOSTLY AI's Platform

Privacy-by-design and maximum security for each and every one of your synthetic datasets.
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No 1:1 relationship to
the original data

In contrast to traditional anonymization techniques, MOSTLY AI uses your original data only as learning material to train Generative AI models. During training, the models learn the patterns, distributions, correlations, and other statistical characteristics of your original data. MOSTLY AI then uses the AI models to generate synthetic data from scratch. Thus a synthetic record cannot be linked back to one specific original data record. Instead it is based upon the input of what was generalized by the model from all original data records.

Model overfitting

We've implemented a robust mechanism to prevent our Generative AI models from memorizing individual properties and patterns. Our approach involves carefully designed loss functions and validation criteria, all aimed at ensuring generalization and guarding against overfitting. The models only learn general patterns of the original data, but no specific individual data points.
Read more about model overfitting prevention in our Documentation

Random draw

To generate synthetic data, the MOSTLY AI Platform generates new samples with random draws against the trained AI models. Let's consider a simplified example with a column like 'Gender,' which has categories like Male, Female, Other, and N/A. The model learns the distribution, like 47% females, 45% males, 7% other, and 1% N/As. During a draw, the chance of 'Male' is about 4-5 times out of 10.
As mentioned, this example is overly simplified as during each random draw, the MOSTLY AI Platform considers not only the distribution of a single column but also all statistical characteristics and the relationships between each column of the original data.
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Privacy protection mechanisms

Our commitment to privacy extends to safeguarding against re-identification risks, especially in scenarios involving rare categories, extreme values, and extended sequence lengths.
Learn more in the MOSTLY AI Documentation

Rare category protection

The Platform uses rare category protection for categorical columns, preventing the AI model from being trained with rare values. To maintain the original data's correlation and distribution, we substitute these values with the category "_RARE_".

Extreme value protection

The Platform applies extreme value protection to numerical and date-time columns. Before training, it removes minimum and maximum outliers from these columns to prevent exceptional cases from appearing in the synthetic data.

Extreme sequence length protection

The Platform removes excessive linked records that could lead back to a subject in a subject table. Long sequences can pose a privacy risk, so they are removed before training of the Generative AI model.

Privacy settings by default

In the MOSTLY AI Platform, all configuration settings to protect data privacy are on by default, so you can rest assured.

Why should you trust MOSTLY AI's synthetic data?

SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified solution with maximum security
Continuous external audits and legal assessments for compliance
The highest data anonymization standards
Complies with the requirements of GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA, PDPA, & APPI
Available for on-premises installations, including in air-gapped environments, or deployed in private cloud infrastructures
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Trusted by leading brands and data privacy experts

  • “We see synthetic data as the foundation for all future data-driven development, as it provides the only GDPR-compliant method for unlocking advanced analytics and insights based on customer data.

    This partnership with MOSTLY AI is a logical step on our journey towards increasing customer success and satisfaction. We are preparing the bank for a data- and purpose-driven future in which synthetic data continuously protects and serves customers.”
    Dietmar Böckmann
    Managing Director, Erste Digital
  • “Therefore MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data does not contain any personal data within the meaning of Art. 4 (1) GDPR. In accordance with Recital 26 GDPR, customers are therefore permitted to freely process and share these anonymous synthetic datasets, as they are not subject to the rules of GDPR.”
    Taylor Wessing
    Legal Assessment
  • “The analysis above allows us to conclude that the data synthetization performed by the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Software adequately addresses the risks of identity disclosure, attribute disclosure, and membership disclosure.”
    SBA Research
    Technical Assessment

GDPR-compliant data anonymization by default

MOSTLY AI's Platform provides complete anonymization by default. Preconfigured settings for non-expert users eliminate human error. Automatic, state-of-the-art privacy mechanisms ensure that your data is safe and your customers will be protected against threats.

No risk of data breaches & data fines

With MOSTLY AI's synthetic data it is not possible to single out an individual, link records relating to an individual, or infer information concerning an individual.
Your customer data is kept safe and secure. Synthetic data helps eliminate the risk of data breaches and privacy fines.

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