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Synthetic data industries

Professional services and synthetic data training for superusers

Benefit from 360-degree support from the very first steps of your synthetic data journey. Ease your synthetic data adoption from the start and set your organization up for success with expert help. As synthetic data pioneers, we have the most experienced team in the world. Our top engineers, architects, consultants, and data scientists have seen it all. They know what makes or breaks a company's synthetic data adoption, no matter the use case. From scaling ethical and explainable AI to providing on-demand, privacy-safe test data, the know-how is here.
Professional Services

Professional services

MOSTLY AI's team of experts offers a full-service synthetic data solution. From expert installation and integration services to value and project consultancy, we’ve got you covered throughout your entire synthetic data journey.
Reduce time and labor overhead in implementing synthetic data into your existing workflows
Meet KPIs and exceed expectations by optimizing for tried and tested synthetic data use cases
Enable agile data services and develop cutting-edge data products for your organization

How does synthetic data professional services work?

Value discovery

Evaluate the business impact of synthetic data on your organization
  • Perform discovery interviews with key stakeholders
  • Map the current processes, technology and stakeholders for each use case
  • Define and quantify the painpoints
  • Compile and analyze insights
  • Business case report and management presentation
  • Build consensus amongst stakeholders and make a more informed decision

Project development

Select the correct use cases to deliver on the promise of synthetic data
  • Use case discovery
  • Use case scoping
  • Use case prioritization
  • Define success criteria
  • Build use case roadmap
  • Prioritized use case roadmap and adoption playbook
  • Expedite your time-to-value and maximize your return on investment

Technical consultancy

Successfully execute your priority use cases for optimum results
  • Data discovery
  • Pre-processing
  • Model configuration
  • Model tuning & optimization
  • Interpretation of results
  • Technical summary report with pre-processing & configuration templates
  • Demonstrate business value, generate momentum and foster buy-in for future use cases

Synthetic data training courses

World-class synthetic data instructors will enable your team to make the most of your synthetic data capabilities!
Choose from 1 to 3-day synthetic data courses with flexible modules

Identify, scope and launch your first synthetic data project
Hands-on instructions from the core concepts to end-to-end synthetic data generation
Receive support and best practice advice from seasoned synthetic data experts

Learning outcomes you can expect

How to assess, interpret and communicate the privacy and accuracy of your synthetic datasets
Become an expert on AI training data generation and how to improve ML performance with synthetic data
Develop a deep understanding of encoding types and how to improve
data quality
Synthesize behavioral data for
time-series analysis
How to generate more data for new use cases with conditional generation
Practice synthesizing complex
data structures

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