The Synthetic Data Engine by Mostly AI

AI-generated, rich synthetic worlds of customers and their behavior

Even the most sophisticated anonymization methods on the market fall short in the presence of big data, as they can only retain a small fraction of information. This calls for a fundamentally new approach!

The Synthetic Data Engine by Mostly AI allows you to simulate highly realistic & representative synthetic data at scale, by automatically learning patterns, structure and variation from your existing data. It leverages state-of-the-art generative deep neural networks with in-built privacy mechanism to build a mathematical model of people and their actions.
This model retains the valuable statistical information while rendering the re-identification of any individual impossible. By drawing randomly from the model a synthetic population of arbitrary size can be generated at any later point. This way you will get as-good-as-real, yet fully anonymous data at granular level, that can be freely processed, analyzed and shared further.
The Synthetic Data Engine by Mostly AI is an
✩ easy-to-integrate software solution,
✩ runs on-premise or private cloud,
✩ scales to millions of customers, and
✩ retains an unprecedented detail & accuracy!

See It in Action

Watch the creation of 2'000 realistic, yet synthetic baseball players (in fast-forward). Actual player records are provided with their year of birth, weight, height and 8 more attributes.

How It Works

The process consists of three basic steps:
1. the engine analyzes and preprocesses the existing data, that is provisioned
2. the engine fits a high-capacity deep neural network architecture and persists it
3. the engine utilizes the model to generate highly realistic synthetic data

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