MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform for the community and for enterprises

Do you want to synthesize a small dataset right now? Sign up for the free community version to use MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data generator in your browser! Are you handling large-scale enterprise data? Contact us to discuss your use case, so we can figure out together what synthetic data can do for you!


Cloud-based, free
  • Time-series data (two tables)
  • Train on 100 000 subjects per run
  • Generate 100 000 synthetic subjects per run
  • 100 columns per table
  • 5 runs per month


  • Time-series data (two tables)
  • Train on millions of subjects per run
  • Generate millions of synthetic subjects
  • 24/7 support with guaranteed response times
  • Deployed on your premise or within your cloud

Community Version FAQ

You can upload structured data in CSV or Parquet format. MOSTY GENERATE can process static data (e.g. CRM tables), as well as time-series or time-series or behavioral data (transactional data, such as financial transactions, insurance claims, or purchase histories). If you work with static data, you only need one table. If you want to process events, you’ll need to upload a second table with the time-series or behavioral data.

Data that you upload to MOSTY GENERATE’s community version will only be retained for the duration necessary to generate the synthetic data. The original data will automatically be removed once the run is completed. Should a run fail or should you cancel the run before it is completed, your original data will be deleted as well.

We take data security seriously at MOSTLY AI. Our servers are hosted on Google and Amazon’s European data centers. Both are leading cloud infrastructure providers with best-in-class security standards. We ensure that our application is always up to date with the latest security patches. All communication between you and our servers is SSL/TLS -encrypted. We use Cloudflare to protect our servers from DDOS attacks, SQL injections, and other fraudulent activity. The datasets you upload for synthetic data generation are stored and encrypted in cloud object storage, and our databases are encrypted with the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm. Please consult this page for further details.

You can launch up to five successful runs each month. If you would like to launch more runs, please contact us for support!

Yes, we certainly can! Our documentation contains links to various public domain datasets. Just sign up, log in, and you’re free to experiment!

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