AI Advances
AI Advances

Insights on the latest advances in the field, and where we are heading.

Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Dive into the powerful model classes that are behind the current AI revival.

ML Use Cases
ML Use Cases

Real-world applications of machine learning shared by seasoned practitioners.


Informal get-to-gether of AI enthusiasts at one of Europe's most modern campuses.

Learn from Leading AI Experts

Self-learning machines are outperforming humans in decision making at an ever increasing pace. These on-going advancements are fueled by 1) more efficient algorithms, 2) faster processing power, and 3) an expontential growth in data.

By bringing together leading AI researchers and practitioners here in Vienna, we will have the unique opportunity to go beyond the hype and gain a practical understanding of artificial intelligence, its potential, as well as its underlying algorithms.

Our Promise

a non-profit, content-rich AI Summit tailored to a forward-thinking and tech-savvy audience


September 04


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  • Michael Platzer Mostly AI, Founder & CEO View video

  • Thomas Lidy TU Wien, Head of Machine Learning at Musimap, Deep Learning Expert View video

Machine Learning with Google Cloud
  • Dave Elliott Google, Global Product Lead View video

Neural Networks for Natural Language Processing

Snacks & drinks.

Deep Learning is Evolving into the Key Technology of Artificial Intelligence
Seizing the Machine Learning Opportunity
Deep Learning: More Than Classification
After-Event Networking

Snacks & drinks.
Sponsored by s IT Solutions Austria.

The Venue

The AI Summit Vienna will take place at the main festival hall of WU Wien's Learning Center (depicted in the first image below). Check Google Maps for directions how to get there. It is recommended to arrive by public transport, with the nearest subway stations being U2 Krieau and U2 Messe-Prater.

Learning Center WU Wien

designed by star architect Zaha Hadid




Sold Out

Startup Table

250 EUR

Sold Out

Tickets grant access to all sessions, coffee breaks and the after-summit get-to-gether. Note: This is an independent, volunteer-organized, not-for-profit event. We set the price as low as possible, to make it accessible for everyone. Ticket revenues will solely be used to cover location and catering costs. All our speakers agreed to come for free, and we are very grateful for their support of our community!

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The Organizers

Mostly AI
Michael Platzer
Vienna Deep Learning Meetup
Thomas Lidy
Jan Schlüter
Alex Schindler
Vienna University of Business and Economics
Thomas Reutterer
Belinda Haid