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If you want to learn about the latest developments in the synthetic data space, you are in the right place. The synthetic data blog covers the latest developments, research results and business best practices.
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Customers’ trust is real gold - In 2020, financial institutions and banks need synthetic data. Here is why.

Banks and financial institutions need AI-generated synthetic data to leverage their AI and data opportunities in a safe and privacy-compliant way. MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform lets you do that with groundbreaking machine learning technology, ready to create privacy regulation compliant, highly accurate synthetic versions of datasets.
Ágnes Fekete
October 23, 2020
BusinessFinancial Services

How to Scale AI in Financial Institutions -The Higher You Go, the More You See

Scaling AI - Is it on your 2021 Roadmap yet? More and more banks are implementing AI-powered solutions but fail at scaling them. AI applications reduce time, effort and cost for organizations of all sizes, taking care of crucial functions in fraud detection, personalization and customer assistance.
Jeffrey Dobin
October 9, 2020
Data-driven InnovationResearch

The World’s Most Accurate Synthetic Data Platform? Let’s check the Numbers!

MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data is highly representative granular-level data. But how good is it? What does it mean when we state “as good as real” or even “better than real”? And how can it be compared across offerings?
Michael Platzer
September 25, 2020
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Introducing MOSTLY AI SaaS

Today I am thrilled and proud to announce the launch of MOSTLY GENERATE SaaS. This milestone speaks of our growth as a company, which we wouldn’t have reached without our devoted team of world-class experts and our dedicated customer base. We achieved yet another first in the industry.
Tobias Hann
September 15, 2020
Data-driven Innovation

Boost your Machine Learning Accuracy with Synthetic Data

At MOSTLY AI we take pride in offering the world’s most accurate synthetic data platform and that our AI-generated synthetic data is “as good as real”. It seems we might have been wrong on that one, and that it can be very well considered “better than real”.
Michael Platzer
August 7, 2020
BusinessData-driven Innovation

Only a little bit re-identifiable?! Good luck with that...

In the first part of this PrivacyTech in Banking series, I looked into the effect that privacy has on data-driven innovation in the financial services industry. Moving fast and breaking things is extremely bad advice when it comes to privacy.
Amir Tabakovic
July 31, 2020

Schrems II: Cross-Border Sharing of Personal Data Just Got More Complicated. Cross-Border Sharing of Synthetic Data Did Not.

Last Thursday (16th of July 2020) the European Court of Justice invalidated EU-US Privacy Shield with immediate effect.
Michael Platzer
July 22, 2020

Quantifying the Value of Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data

Companies theoretically spend money and make investments because they are looking for one thing: a positive return on investment (ROI). At the end of the day, that can be achieved through lowering costs or increasing revenues.
Tobias Hann
July 13, 2020
Financial Services

Privacy - A Killer of Data-Driven Innovation for Banks?

Behavioural data is the new gold. Go Synthetic to unleash its potential – and make sequential behavioural data your ultimate test case for choosing your preferred synthetic data solution!
Amir Tabakovic
June 29, 2020
Data Privacy

On COVID-19, Digital Surveillance and Privacy-Preserving Alternatives

We are facing an unprecedented crisis that has changed our daily life in several ways and that spans virtually all aspects of society.
Joao Vidigal
June 19, 2020