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Accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence with synthetic data

The success of your machine learning and AI projects depend on the quality and accessibility of the training data. Unlock all insights of your customer data assets with privacy safe synthetic data generation. Synthetic data is the missing piece of the AI puzzle you’ve been looking for.
Highly flexible
You can create, share, and discard this data at will.
It’s as good as your production data, yet it is exempt from privacy regulations.
Improving data quality
It’s capable of improving data quality for AI and can be used to modify existing datasets, e.g., to correct for present biases.
With the upcoming AI regulations, we predict that synthetic data will be a mission-critical part of Explainable AI.
  • “By 2024, 60% of the data used for the development of AI and analytics projects will be synthetically generated.”
  • “SWIFT's goal is to deliver privacy-preserving AI at scale for the Payments and Securities industry. Therefore, synthetic data will play a crucial role in machine learning exploration. Deploying and training AI models on MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generation capability is a foundational step towards our goal.”
    Deepak Janardhanan
    SWIFT’s AI Platform Lead
  • “Investigating a single customer for potential money laundering can cost up to $24,000, an expensive task for something that ends up being nothing 90 percent of the time.”
    The Economist

Training data for AI and machine learning

Overcome the data challenges of AI development and use better-than-real synthetic training data for better performance, privacy and explainability.

How does AI-generated synthetic data work?

AI-generated synthetic data is based on real customer data. It contains all the intelligence of your most valuable behavioral datasets while protecting your customers’ privacy.

Synthetic data for different industries

Our team at MOSTLY AI has been working hard to develop a product that is ready to serve the diverse needs of large organizations in banking, industry and telecommunications.

Discover how MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform can help you

Our synthetic data experts are happy to help you discover the best use cases to start your synthetic data journey with. Years of hands-on experience in banking, insurance and healthcare, we know how to make AI-generated synthetic data work for you.

Ready to try synthetic data?

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