Once you have configured your data catalog, you can choose to immediately start a job or return to the list of data catalogs.

Apply changes button

The kebab menu next to the Back and Start this job buttons gives you access to the following options:

Delete catalog

Removes your work. Click on the kebab menu to find this option.

Copy Catalog ID

Copies the catalog ID so you can use it to create API requests.

Sharing options

Specify who to share this catalog with. See below for further details.

create data catalog 8 highlight save and exit

Sharing your data catalog

You can share your data catalog with other user groups. The sharing options also let you grant read access to all authenticated users or transfer the data catalog’s ownership to another user.

To do so, click on the kebab icon at the top of the page and select Sharing options from the menu.

Sharing options kebab menu

A dialog box appears where you can select the groups you want to share the data catalog with, grant read access to all authenticated users, or transfer the catalog’s ownership to another user:

Sharing options kebab menu

After clicking Save, you’ll be asked to confirm your choices. A transfer of ownership or change of groups may cause you to lose access to this data catalog. Please review whether this is the case and, if so, whether it’s intended.