Use the Latitude, Longitude encoding type to synthesize geolocation coordinates.

MOSTLY AI requires a geolocation coordinate to be encoded in a single field with the latitude and longitude as comma-separated values. The latitude must be on the comma’s left side and the longitude on the right.

The values must be in decimal degrees format and range from -90 to 90 for latitude and -180 to 180 for longitude. Their precision cannot be larger than five digits after the decimal dot. Any additional digits will be ignored.

The table below shows a use case with three geolocation columns.

Start location End location Some other location

"70.31311, 150.1"

"-90.0, 180.0"

"37.311, 173.8998"

"-39.0, 120.33114"

"78.31112, -100.031"

"-10.10, -80.901"

When formatting the geolocation coordinates, please keep in mind that they must be enclosed in double quotes. If you want to learn more about content rules, please visit the Preparing your data section.