Once you clicked on the Ad hoc job icon, an upload field appears in the Launch new job section. You can use this field to upload a subject table. Or, if you click on Add new table, you can upload a subject table - linked table dataset.

Upload files
If you don’t have any datasets of your own, then you can use the ready-to-use datasets in the Resources section.

As generating synthetic data is all about protecting the privacy of your data subjects, MOSTLY AI needs to know whose privacy you’re going to protect. The first table you need to upload is therefore always a subject table. This table describes their profiles — a set of attributes that say something about your data subjects. Here you can think of names, places of residence, email addresses, birthdates, and other types of privacy-sensitive information.

  1. Click on the folder icon to browse for your subject table or drag it to the field.

    Upload subject table

You can also choose to upload an additional linked table. This allows you to process lists, sequential data, or time-series data. Here you can think of online shopping carts, buyer journeys, purchase histories, or financial transactions.

  1. Click on Add new table to add a linked table to your dataset.
    A second field appears where you can select your linked table.

    Upload subject table

You can optionally change the names of your tables. These names are used to indicate which table you’re working on when configuring your job. They won’t be present in the resulting synthetic dataset.

  1. Click on the grey text field indicated by the pen icon and fill out the table name.

    Upload subject table

The upload of your tables will start once you click Proceed. You can find this button in the bottom-right corner of this pane.

Please read the Preparing your dataset guide to learn how to properly format your subject tables and subject table - linked table datasets.