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Looking for the dataset for this tutorial? Download the CDNOW CRM table right here!

Do you want to synthesize your own dataset? Check out the Preparing your dataset guide!

About the CDNOW dataset

This CSV file contains the personal details of 23.570 fictional customers who made their first-ever purchase at CDNOW in the first quarter of 1997. It is a mock CRM table that we created for the purpose of this tutorial.

first_name  last_name	state        gender  birthdate
Bobby       Thompson    Oregon       M       1972-07-19
John        Wood        New Jersey   M       1962-02-08
Michael     Griffith    Minnesota    M       1981-03-22
Eric        Walker      Michigan     M       1942-10-07
Austin      Levine      New Jersey   M       1952-05-23
Hunter      White       New Mexico   M       1963-05-20