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MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform was built for those who are driven by data

Understanding customers and testing our assumptions about them happens through customer data. Privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA make a deep understanding harder. MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform bridges this ever-growing gap in customer understanding. Generate high quality, production-like synthetic data for smarter AI and smarter testing.

The world’s leading synthetic data generator for building AI and software applications.

Smart synthetic data use cases range from AI and machine learning development to generating highly realistic test data. One easy to use platform, lots of database connections and fantastic features to automate your data generation pipelines. 

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A reliable synthetic data generator can serve business across use cases. Providing privacy-safe data alternatives is just the beginning. MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform is the most versatile synthetic data generator available. Use case flexibility makes it a must-have tool for AI and software testing. From AI training to explainability, bias mitigation and governance, to realistic test data with subsetting, referential integrity and conditioned test data generation, MOSTLY AI serves all your needs.
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Synthetic data platform features

Using our platform is really easy. You can generate synthetic data
on-demand through a friendly user interface. You don't need any coding skills. You can synthesize directly from databases, subset your original data as you wish and even add mock data to synthetic sets.
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How privacy and security works with synthetic data

Businesses are challenged by citizens and governments to obtain consent for data collection, and to keep this data private and secure. Synthetic data is the privacy compliant solution ready to unlock data value across organizations and beyond.
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Synthetic data generator docs

The docs include all of the up-to-date product details and a handy quickstart guide. The quickstart guide instructs you step by step through the easiest and fastest way to synthesize your first datasets. You can read about the best features of the world's leading synthetic data generator, such as data catalogs, QA reports, continuous data streams, user management and data connectors. You can also find a full installation guide and detailed technical specifications.
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Synthetic data generation - first step - upload data
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