It takes too long to anonymize data.
Reduce time-to-data by 90%!

MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform—the #1 synthetic data generator, ready to maximize your data opportunities.

Reduce your time-to-data by 90%

Accelerate digital transformation. Access your sensitive data in days rather than months while avoiding any risk of re-identification.


Put your analytics and AI training on the right track

Develop products and services in a data-driven way. Make sure you serve customers how they really want to be served with personalized product and services.

Test new technologies without risk

Is that cloud provider really for you? Can you trust that third party vendor with data security? Speed up POCs and save costs by providing privacy-compliant and as-good-as-real synthetic data!

Our most popular synthetic data use cases

Rapid POC evaluation

Setting up a privacy safe synthetic data sandbox for testing third-party software products reduces data delivery times by 70% and leads to huge savings.

Analytics and AI training

Use synthetic data to train more efficient models and conduct global analytics projects without having to worry about cross-border data-sharing!

Realistic synthetic test data

Use realistic synthetic test data to remove production data from testing. Unlike dummy data, synthetic test data gives unprecedented levels of realism to your products and is easy and fast to generate.

Organize datathons for real insights

Give access to your hackathon, datathon participants and external researchers to highly realistic, privacy-safe synthetic versions of your data to get data-driven insights and ideas, that work.

Are you ready to discover your synthetic data use cases?

Every enterprise is different, but all enterprises benefit from synthetic data capabilities. If you would like to find out how you can operationalize synthetic data and how this groundbreaking technology can increase your data-centricity, schedule a call with one of our synthetic data experts! 

How MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform works

Upload your tables

Upload a subject table if you want to synthesize profiles. Or upload a subject and a sequence table if you want to synthesize sequential, time-series data, such as customer journeys, transactions, or physical interactions.

Upload tables

Configure runs

Configure your data generation run

MOSTLY AI works fully-automated. It analyzes your table and presents you with the optimal run configuration. Optionally, you can choose to change these parameters to configure the run yourself.

Train, generate, and analyze the result

The synthetic data generator now trains a model to retain your data's granularity, statistical distributions, patterns, correlations, and time-dependencies. Next, it uses this model to generate a synthetic version of your data. Once completed, your QA report is generated, and your original data is deleted.

Train, generate, analyze

Download or generate more data

Download your synthetic data. Or generate more.

You can now download the synthetic version of your data, along with its QA report. As the model is retained, you can always choose to generate more synthetic data.

Why choose MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform?


  • Fully automated, flexible and easy-to-use Synthetic Data Platform for structured data
  • Supports multi-table and scales far beyond millions of data subjects and their corresponding transactions (e.g. financial transaction data)
  • Supports various data formats (CSV, Parquet,…)
  • Automated synthetic data pipelines with the Data Catalog feature.
  • On-prem & cloud deployment (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud) to ensure that sensitive customer data never leaves your secure IT environment
  • GPU accelerated synthetic data for fast generation of sequential datasets
  • User Management System to securely control user access to data, run job details and synthetic data generation features. Employees can be onboarded using their Active Directory credentials. 
  • Enterprise-ready and easy to integrate into existing data architectures (Rest API)
  • Conditional data generation for sequence tables, multi-table setups and continuous data streams
  • Year around, 24×7 support with SLA
  • Tried and tested solution: we have been the preferred solution partner for leading brands in finance, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications ,and eGovernment for years.
  • Mature POC process with experienced data scientists, consultants and engineers: knowledge transfer, privacy and compliance audit, opportunity evaluation and a management presentation included

Superior accuracy and utility

  • The world’s most accurate synthetic data generation platform, even for high-dimensional behavioral data assets.
  • Retains data structure as well as data granularity
  • Synthetic data is as-good-as-real and works as a secure replacement for your actual, privacy-sensitive customer data
  • Synthesize footprint datasets with unprecedented accuracy for geolocation data encoding types. 

Privacy by design

  • In-built privacy guarantees prevent overfitting and eliminate the re-identification risk
  • The resulting synthetic data is fully anonymous and exempt from data privacy regulations
  • It can be safely used and shared without the need for expensive data controls
  • Automated quality assurance reports with privacy and accuracy metrics allow to quickly assess synthetic data quality
  • Baker McKenzie, SBA Research and Taylor Wessing are responsible for MOSTLY AI’s legal assessments and certifications, driving the excellence and compliance that you expect from us.
  • MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform is a SOC 2 certified solution, helping your auditors assess key compliance objectives easily.

MOSTLY AI is a SOC 2 certified synthetic data platform

The SOC 2 Type 2 certification is a regularly updated compliance report on our services’ security, availability, and confidentiality. Being SOC 2 certified means that, according to an independent third-party auditor, we securely manage and protect our customers’ data privacy. If you would like to read the report, please contact us!

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