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As physical customer interactions shift into digital, we can no longer rely on real-life conversations. Customers express their intents, share their needs through data. Understanding customers and testing our assumptions about them also happens through data. And privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA make a deep understanding even harder. The MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform bridges this ever-growing gap in customer understanding.
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A reliable, high quality synthetic data generator can serve business in various use cases. Providing privacy safe data alternatives is just the beginning of the story. In terms of versatility, MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform goes further than any other synthetic data generator. MOSTLY AI's versatility and use case flexibility makes it a must-have AI tool and a game-changing solution for software development and testing. From AI training to explainability, bias mitigation and governance to realistic test data with subsetting, referential integrity and conditioned test data generation - MOSTLY AI serves all your synthetic data needs.
Using our platform is really easy. You can generate synthetic data on-demand through a user interface. You don't need any coding skills. On-premise deployment via an API is also possible with direct database connectivity. You can synthesize entire databases, subset your original data as you wish and even add mock data to synthetic sets. Synthetic data is a great tool for operationalizing privacy while enabling data access.
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How does MOSTLY AI’s Synthetic Data Platform work?

MOSTLY AI's powerful AI algorithm learns the valuable statistical patterns of the original data. After training, the algorithm recreates these patterns using a population of fictional characters. The resulting synthetic copy of the original data is privacy compliant, and retains the utility of the original dataset.
Businesses are currently being challenged by citizens and governments to obtain consent for data collection from people, and to keep this data private and secure once they have it. Laws like GDPR and CCPA have been introduced that will levy harsh fines if businesses fail to comply with these demands. These demands severely limit their ability to learn about their customers and serve their needs and preferences. Synthetic data is the privacy compliant solution ready to unlock data value across organizations and beyond.
As the pioneers of synthetic data technology, we have tons of experience. Our team has the know-how to help companies implement synthetic data into their workflows. We'll help you build your synthetic data pipeline without disruptions and with maximum impact. From the first steps of discovering the highest value use cases specific to your organization throughout the architectural implementation to scaling, MOSTLY AI experts will guide and teach your engineers and data scientists to make the most of synthetic data technology. It's time to get hands-on with your data, and we'll help you do just that!

Synthetic data generator docs

Our synthetic data generator's documentation is available online. The docs include all of the up-to-date product details as well as a handy quickstart guide. The quickstart guide instructs you step by step through the easiest and fastest way to synthesize your first datasets. You can read all about the best features of the world's leading synthetic data generator, such as data catalogs, QA reports, continuous data streams, user management and data connectors. You can also find a full installation guide and detailed technical specifications. Please note that the documentation describes the product features of MOSTLY AI 2.0, which is the paid version of MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generator. The Community Version of MOSTLY AI offers a limited feature set, and you might not find the features described in the documentation in the Community Version. If you would like to access the full version of MOSTLY AI, please contact us!

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