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MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform features

Data collaboration with automated privacy

Collaborating on sensitive data is often complicated, sometimes impossible. MOSTLY AI offers safe and immediate data sharing right inside the synthetic data generation platform.
Shareable AI-generated synthetic data helps data owners who want to collaborate and share data across and beyond organizations by reducing time to data and preserving data utility.
Collaborate on customer profiles, patient journeys, financial transactions, and other sensitive sequential and temporal data.
Synthesize directly from databases with fully intact, realistic, and usable referential integrity. You can also define a specific part of your database for synthesization.
With MOSTLY AI, privacy-secure synthetic data is the default with automated privacy mechanisms. Each synthetic dataset comes with an automatically generated privacy and quality report.

Data rebalancing for data exploration

What would your customers look like in 5-years time? What if you had more female subjects in your dataset? Performing what-if scenarios on a granular level allows analysts to better understand your customer base and the data you are working with.

Smart data imputation for improved human-readability

Data is often missing. Null values make it difficult for humans to read and understand data, leading data scientists and analysts astray.
Synthetically imputing missing datapoints helps analysts better understand their data subjects by improving data granularity and readability with statistically relevant, synthetic datapoints instead of null values.

Make your datasets flexible

Large datasets are difficult to handle and require immense computing power.
With MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform, you can create smaller, statistically identical versions of your large datasets for faster explorations and much smaller footprint. 
Downsize your dataset without losing any statistical attributes for speeding up downstream tasks and to reduce costs and energy consumption.
You can also synthesize datasets without size limitations.

Synthetic data privacy and quality assessment

MOSTLY AI won't leave you in the dark when it comes to synthetic data quality and privacy. Each generated synthetic dataset comes with an accuracy and privacy report.
A detailed QA report shows all privacy metrics, statistical distributions, and correlations, giving you a 360-degree view of your data for easy synthetic data quality assessment.

Seamless integration with your enterprise systems

We support your company’s cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
Connect to AWS, GCP, Azure cloud storage buckets, or your Snowflake account.
Connect to the DB2 family of databases, enabling synthetic data for mainframe applications.
MySQL support enables synthetic data in the cloud and integrates MOSTLY AI with cloud databases like AWS Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, and many more
Read and write to MS SQL, BigQuery, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

Extended support for different data types

Synthesize geolocation data with our Latitude, Longitude data type. Synthetic geodata provides insights into the mobility of customers, driving and delivery personnel.
Put unstructured natural language texts to use in your AI/ML applications. Insurance claim reports, medical diagnoses, and other types of unstructured texts capture details that aren’t present in structured forms of data.
Use mock data to generate test cases that are not present in the original data.

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