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Deployment via Kubernetes / OpenShift

Easily deploy the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform in a scalable cluster environment.
Most customers deploy MOSTLY AI in their IT environment for security, cost, and speed. The platform is installed either via Kubernetes (via helm charts) or OpenShift, which provides the ability to scale seamlessly, ensuring high availability. Deploying via these container orchestration systems allows for efficient resource management and easy integration with other services.

Specific deployments vary and range from stand-alone self-managed clusters to integration into existing clusters. Deployments in Managed Kubernetes services such as Amazon AWS EKS or Google GCP GKE are supported as well.

If no cluster is available, the Platform can be installed via Minicube on a Single VM. Read more about Deployment options in our documentation.


Efficient resource management and scalability.
Seamless integration into existing Kubernetes clusters to fulfill the highest security requirements.
Easy installation via helm charts.
Support for Managed Kubernetes services such as AWS EKS and GCP GKE.

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