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Detailed Quality Assurance Reports

A detailed Quality Assurance report shows how well your synthetic data captures the patterns of your original data. Various statistics are calculated including univariate and bivariate distributions, as well as correlations. The QA report gives you a 360-degree view of your synthetic data for an easy quality assessment.
Every MOSTLY AI synthetic dataset includes a comprehensive QA report assessing synthetic data quality compared to the original data. We calculate accuracy using statistical distances, analyzing univariate and bivariate distributions and correlations.

The report provides an easily interpretable percentage accuracy score. It also includes privacy test summaries and can be downloaded and shared effortlessly. Learn more about our QA Reports in our documentation.


A comprehensive QA report for each dataset offers a holistic view of the synthetic data's quality in relation to the original.
It utilizes statistical measures of various aspects of the data to deliver an accuracy percentage, simplifying data quality assessment.

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