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Extended support for different data types

MOSTLY AI works with all kinds of structured data: numerical, categorical, and date-time variables are the most important ones. Additional generative models exist for text and geolocation data. And for some variables, where AI-generated data is not necessary, our mock data feature allows the creation of quick dummy data.
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MOSTLY AI accommodates diverse data types for versatile synthetic data generation. We cover common structured types like numerical, categorical, and date-time variables, and offer specialized models for text and geolocation data. For simpler needs, our mock data feature provides quick dummy data generation.


MOSTLY AI supports a wide range of data types, providing users with a versatile toolkit to produce synthetic data tailored to diverse needs.
Dedicated generative models ensure precise synthesis of popular structured data types, including numerical, categorical, date-time, text, and geolocation data.
Our mock data feature offers a quick solution for generating dummy data, catering to scenarios where full AI-driven synthesis might not be necessary.

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