MOSTLY AI Raises $25M Series B Funding to Bring Synthetic Data to Every Enterprise
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How it works

How does MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform work?

Use MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform to generate synthetic data with the push of a button or configure as you wish. We know that each use case comes with unique demands. Our platform can serve the widest range of synthetic data use cases from generating AI training data to realistic test data.
Step 1

Connect to your data source

MOSTLY AI supports a variety of data sources. Connect to your SQL server, PostgreSQL, Oracle database, or data residing on your cloud storage buckets. Our platform can deliver accurate, privacy-secure synthetic copies of all of them.
Step 2

Configure your synthesization job

MOSTLY AI works fully automated. It analyzes your data and
presents you with the optimal job configuration. Optionally, you can replace columns with mock data, allowing you to generate true-to-life transaction codes, phone numbers, or other types of IDs.
Step 3

Train and generate, quality assured

Our AI model now learns your data's patterns, statistical distributions, correlations, and time dependencies. This model will then be used to generate a synthetic copy. Once completed, your QA report is generated, providing granular details on privacy and accuracy.
Step 4

Share with confidence

MOSTLY AI will upload the synthetic copy of your data source to a destination of your choice — your company's database server, cloud storage buckets, or your local machine — ready to be shared across departments and partnerships.