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Still struggling with real data?

Accessing high-quality data in a timely manner remains a persistent challenge due to several factors. First, data collection processes can be intricate and time-consuming, often involving multiple stakeholders and complex protocols. Second, data privacy and security concerns necessitate rigorous validation and anonymization, adding layers of complexity. Moreover, data silos within organizations and across industries create hurdles in consolidating information efficiently. As data-driven decision-making gains prominence, demand for quality data outpaces supply, exacerbating the challenge of obtaining reliable and timely datasets. And that’s where synthetic data comes in.

Remove barriers with countless
synthetic data benefits

Synthetic data enables data-driven tasks such as model training without compromising privacy, data availability, or quality. Using synthetic data means you get:
True Privacy Protection
When dealing with sensitive or personal information, synthetic data can be used to replace real data, ensuring privacy while allowing for analysis and testing without exposing individuals' sensitive details.
Smarter Model Development & Testing
Synthetic data can be useful for developing and testing machine learning models, algorithms, and software applications. It provides a controlled environment for experimentation due to the high flexibility aspect of synthetic data.
Efficient Data Augmentation
In cases where real data is limited, synthetic data can be generated to expand the dataset. This is particularly helpful in improving the performance and generalization capabilities of machine learning models.
Clear Benchmarking & Evaluation
Synthetic data can be employed to create benchmark datasets for evaluating the performance of various algorithms or systems. This is particularly useful when real data is not readily available or when comparing different solutions.
Easy Simulation & Forecasting
Synthetic data can help create realistic simulations and forecasts. For example it can be used to model various scenarios without relying solely on historical data.
No More Bias & Fairness Issues
Synthetic data can be designed to reduce biases present in real data, promoting fairness in algorithms and decision-making processes.

The ROI of Synthetic Data

Read our Case Studies to find out how customers like Humana & Telefonica use synthetic data.
time reduction for data delivery
cost reduction for data provisioning
annual savings on POCs


#1 in synthetic data accuracy

The value of synthetic data largely depends on the accuracy and realism of the generated data. If the synthetic data doesn't accurately capture the distribution, patterns, and complexities of the real data, its value diminishes. MOSTLY AI is proud to be the leading synthetic data provider, offering unparalleled accuracy in mimicking real-world datasets. Through our advanced generative models, we ensure the replication of statistical patterns and complexities, all while prioritizing data privacy. Find out more about how to benchmark synthetic data quality.

The first synthetic data platform

MOSTLY AI has the unique distinction as a pioneer in synthetic data generation. Our platform was the first of its kind, allowing us to completely redefine what's possible with data and offer a powerful way to accelerating insights and advancements in any industry. We have many years of experience working with Enterprise organizations and know exactly what it takes to put synthetic data into production.

Made for everyone

MOSTLY AI's user-friendly, no-code platform for generating synthetic data presents a game-changing advantage. By eliminating the need for complex coding skills, our platform enables individuals with varying technical backgrounds to effortlessly create high-quality synthetic datasets. Through this simplicity, MOSTLY AI empowers all users to harness the power of synthetic data without barriers, fostering a more inclusive and agile approach to data.

Ready to try synthetic data?

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