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Synthetic data for testingSynthetic data in banking

15 synthetic data use cases in banking

Banks need to bridge the gap between data and innovation. The 15 most valuable synthetic data use cases in banking help financial data experts decide where to start.
Ágnes Fekete
March 10, 2022
Synthetic data in banking

How to win the digital transformation race? By personalizing the digital banking experience with synthetic data!

Data-driven personalization analyzes customer data in real time. Machine-learning models provide personalized services based on the customer's financial profile. These machine-learning models need quality data—and lots of it.
John Sullivan
July 7, 2021
Synthetic data in banking

How to Scale AI in Financial Institutions -The Higher You Go, the More You See

Scaling AI - Is it on your 2021 Roadmap yet? More and more banks are implementing AI-powered solutions but fail at scaling them. AI applications reduce time, effort and cost for organizations of all sizes, taking care of crucial functions in fraud detection, personalization and customer assistance.
Jeffrey Dobin
October 9, 2020
Synthetic data in banking

Quantifying the Value of Privacy-Preserving Synthetic Data

Companies theoretically spend money and make investments because they are looking for one thing: a positive return on investment (ROI). At the end of the day, that can be achieved through lowering costs or increasing revenues.
Tobias Hann
July 13, 2020
Synthetic data in banking

Privacy - A Killer of Data-Driven Innovation for Banks?

Behavioural data is the new gold. Go Synthetic to unleash its potential – and make sequential behavioural data your ultimate test case for choosing your preferred synthetic data solution!
Amir Tabakovic
June 29, 2020