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Junior Marketing Manager
Nikolina is a Junior Marketing Manager at MOSTLY AI and is responsible for the content you might come across on our website, social media platforms, or elsewhere. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in communications from the University of Vienna. Currently, she is a doctoral candidate at the same department, now focusing on data privacy on social media, and is an active member of the Media Governance and Industries Research Lab. Prior to becoming a Mostlie, she has worked for the United Nations in Vienna and has taken part in multiple worldwide projects organized by the UN. Now, she is volunteering for 28. June, an international humanitarian organization in Special Consultative Status of the United Nations and is dreaming of putting a smile on as many children as she can. Nikolina has also danced classical ballet professionally and performed in the National Theater in Belgrade, Serbia. Ballet is still her big love, although it's just a hobby these days.
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