MOSTLY AI Raises $25M Series B Funding to Bring Synthetic Data to Every Enterprise
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Data innovation happens through collaborations. Learn how to run a fast and representative POC with synthetic data.
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  • Enterprise procurement processes last 6 to 18 months on average. 
  • Large institutions with legacy systems and sensitive data repositories need to invest hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars in assessing the quality of vendor solutions. 
  • To ensure that you are buying the right AI or data science tool, you need to test-drive solutions with data as close to your real datasets as possible. Otherwise, you might end up with something that looks good on paper but doesn’t work for you in real life. 
  • Handing over realistic data to your vendor prospects or connecting them to your sandbox environment is a risky, and tedious part of the PoC process. 
  • Even internally hosted sandboxes are challenging to populate with enough high-quality data due to data access policies. 

Evaluate software products and data-driven solutions with as-good-as-real synthetic data. Sandboxes populated with realistic and safe synthetic data reduce vendor-related costs and risks while speeding up innovation and product development. AI-generated synthetic data provides a privacy-safe, statistically identical, and scalable alternative to production data. Create a synthetic data sandbox environment to test the performance of data-intensive vendor solutions or share synthetic data directly, without privacy risks. Use complex, highly realistic behavioral data to give new levels of accuracy to your quality assessment.


A large North American Fortune 100 bank set up a synthetic data sandbox environment with high-quality synthetic data. Vendors could readily access the synthetic datasets and test their solutions in a controlled, data-safe environment. As a result, the average time of data delivery was brought down to 3 weeks. According to the bank’s estimation, the average cost of a POC is now only $5k an 80% reduction from the average price of previous POCs. The annual saving impact of this single initiative amounts to $10M+.

Download the case study
  • MOSTLY AI offers unparalleled data accuracy. Using our synthetic data generator, you can benchmark solutions and test their performance in a data environment statistically and structurally identical to your original data. 
  • Data privacy is a built-in feature: the synthetic data points bear no 1:1 relationship to the original data points. Therefore synthetic data is fully anonymous. You can share it with third parties with peace of mind. 
  • MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform is an easy-to-use, flexible, enterprise-ready, and privacy-compliant solution that has been assessed by several external auditors. 
  • You can generate synthetic datasets quickly and easily from various data input types, including behavioral data and transaction tables, providing low-cost, readily available data alternatives for data intensive POC processes. 

Synthetic datasets come with automated QA reports detailing quality and privacy dimensions.