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Test data for software testing and product development

Put life into your products, shorten development cycles, and save costs on test data provisioning with realistic and privacy-compliant synthetic test data.
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  • Using production data for testing is not only risky, but often fails to prepare systems for rare scenarios.
  • Mock data lacks the realism necessary for effective testing.
  • Software development and testing often happens outside the walls of large institutions.  Third-party vendors are also a vital part of the development process, further complicating access issues.
  • As a result, data provisioning can take weeks to months, requiring the involvement of specialists and different departments.
  • Test engineers often end up manually populating environments that fail to provide the scale and complexity necessary for developing robust, data-centric products.

Are you ready to generate synthetic test data for your team?

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Let AI generate test data for you! MOSTLY AI’s easy to use synthetic data platform empowers you to create a realistic test data environment with synthetic copies of your customer data, matching the look and feel, the size and shape of the production environment. The resulting synthetic data is exempt from privacy regulations and can be readily shared outside of the walls of heavily protected institutions, like banks and health insurance providers. Development sprints get shorter, cheaper, and – most importantly – your product comes to life well before its launch.


ERSTE Bank’s product team – cut off from core production – had to use dummy data, which was nowhere near the level of complexity and volume needed. Fresh, large batches of synthetic transaction data made their mobile banking app come alive.

The product team identified and fixed a myriad of different issues on time and could demo the app to stakeholders, gaining valuable support throughout the organization.

The realistic data also helped them deliver new data-driven product features, speed up UX design decisions, made development more efficient, and ultimately resulted in a more user-friendly and robust product.

Download the case study
  • Synthetic copies generated with MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform no longer classify as personal data, opening up air-gapped data environments in a safe and agile way.
  • Using MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data shortens your development cycle by several days every sprint, saving development costs and making a world of difference to your product and ultimately, to your customers.
    MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform is an easy-to-use, flexible, enterprise-ready and privacy-compliant solution that has been assessed by several external auditors.
    Create realistic copies of various raw data input types and connect directly to your databases.
    Automate test data creation with our Data Catalog feature - generating new batches of synthetic data at the push of a button.