Exploring the EU AI Act and the so-called risk-based approach the draft legislation is proposing. Join us in this episode as we delve deep into the draft EU AI Act, dissecting risk categories, their implications, and the critical aspects every AI developer and user should be aware of.

📜 Here is what you can learn from the video:

00:00 - Introduction to the AI Series
00:03 - What the EU AI Act Is All About
00:08 - Understanding AI Systems
00:28 - The Legal Side of AI Act
00:46 - Diverse Applications of AI Systems
01:34 - Differentiating Human & Machine Interactions
01:52 - AI in Real-World Applications
02:25 - The 'Minority Report' & AI Prediction Systems
03:01 - The Risk Spectrum of AI Systems
03:57 - Focus on High-Risk Systems
04:18 - Prohibited AI Practices & Debate
04:41 - The Rationale Behind the Risk-Based Approach
05:13 - Practical Challenges & Risk Categorization
05:29 - Final Thoughts & A Lawyer's Perspective

The AI landscape is evolving rapidly, and the EU AI Act aims to ensure a safe, responsible, and transparent progression. Make sure to subscribe to MOSTLY AI's channel for more insights on the world of privacy-safe AI and its regulatory journey.

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