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October 23, 2023
1m 34s

Democratize your data with MOSTLY AI

🔒 What if we lived in a society where everyone could harness the power of data without compromising privacy?

📊 Imagine a world where data-driven decisions were accessible to all, regardless of their technical background. In this thought-provoking video, Tobias Hann, CEO of MOSTLY AI, the pioneering synthetic data company, explore the potential of synthetic data in breaking down data barriers and protecting individual privacy.

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[00:00:00] -What if we lived in a society where everyone would have access to data, and you wouldn't have to be a data scientist to actually make informed decisions with data, work with data and analyze data?

[00:00:13] What if an organization for example, John, from the data science team could share data with Marie from the marketing department, granular level data that shows how the customer base is changing, and without IT and compliance freaking out because of privacy concerns?

[00:00:29] What if then Marie was able to actually share that granular level of data with two external IT companies, two agencies she's working with to refine the marketing messaging?

[00:00:38] For this vision to come true, there's one obstacle, and that is data privacy and rightly so.

[00:00:47] We as a society want to benefit from data, organizations want to benefit from data, individuals want to benefit from data. What we really care about are the insights of the data, the stories that the data can tell. It's not about you or me specifically, and it shouldn't be.

[00:01:09] Data privacy is a human right, and we should and we can protect the privacy of individuals. That's effectively what synthetic data can do. On the one hand, delivering the insights of the data, but on the other hand, fully protecting the privacy of individuals.

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