📚 In this tutorial, we'll show you how to make AI more explainable using synthetic data. Synthetic data helps you to alleviate privacy concerns and make your machine learning models more transparent and accountable.

00:00:00 | Introduction
00:00:06 | Overview of Explainable AI with Synthetic Data
00:00:36 | Training the Model on Real Data
00:01:18 | Preparing for Data Synthesis
00:03:36 | Data Synthesis using MOSTLY AI
00:04:08 | Evaluating the Model on Synthetic Data
00:05:02 | Introduction to Explainable AI
00:05:32 | Using SHAP for Model Explanation
00:07:15 | Dependency Plots
00:09:19 | Inspecting Individual Samples
00:11:25 | Aggregate Sample Explanation

📂 GitHub Repository: https://github.com/mostly-ai/mostly-tutorials/tree/dev/explainable-ai

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