MOSTLY AI's free synthetic data generator has been used by thousands of people to anonymize data and experiment with synthetic data technology. Now they can unleash the full power of generative AI on their tabular datasets: augment, complete, upsample, subset, or diversify data using our no-code free forever tool.

In this live webinar, Mario Scriminaci, MOSTLY AI's Chief Product Officer, will introduce the new capabilities with hands-on examples
and run an interactive product demo where all your questions related to synthetic data will be answered.

Watch the webinar to make sure you take advantage of the latest opportunities AI offers to data scientists, analysts, test data managers, machine learning engineers, and all citizen data consumers.

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0:00 Welcome
2:20 AI-generated synthetic data vs rule-based synthetic data?
6:05 What is rebalancing?
15:54 What is 'generation mood'?
21:45 What is imputation?
27:16 More about the new capabilities of MOSTLY AI's platform
28:31 Q&A
45:39 How we can help you with the projects you are working on