In this episode of the Data Democratization Podcast, host Alexandra Ebert interviews Daniela Pak-Graf, the managing director of Merkur Innovation Lab — the innovation arm of Merkur Insurance. Daniela shares her tips and best practices for innovating with data in one of the most conservative and sensitive industries, health insurance.Tune in to find out how to accelerate innovation through effective data management, forward thinking organizational decisions and enabling technologies, like AI-powered synthetic data generation.

We cover various topics, such as:
[00:02:02] Innovation in healthcare and insurance - the organizational challenges and solutions
[00:07:35] Customer-driven product development
[00:12:03] Health insurance transformations - telemedicine and predictive healthcare,
[00:20:17] Data cleaning, data management, and accelerating innovation by doing data science in-house,
[00:25:09] Innovation success stories: automated, GDPR-compliant decision-making for marketing,
[00:28:00] Challenges of data anonymization and the synthetic data solution,
[00:34:32] Opportunities for synthetic data: machine learning, dashboards, data sharing, and collaboration with third parties,
[00:42:56] Synthetic data for fair algorithms,
[00:47:20] Proactive preventive healthcare,
[00:48:41] Gendered medication in healthcare,
[00:50:22] Tips for young female professionals in the healthcare industry.