Explore the advancements in model training and data generation with the latest release of the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform - v200. This video, presented by John, delves into the nuanced roles of creators and consumers within the platform.

Witness the integration of a new user interface as John uploads and configures a dataset, and observe the high-performance, low-latency capabilities of our PyTorch engine during the model training process.

The video highlights the creation of a Gen-AI model in a streamlined 60-second demonstration, emphasizing the efficiency of generating synthetic data. Viewers gain insights into the training log, revealing the model's epoch-by-epoch progress and the selection of the highest-performing model for synthetic data production.

The process of sharing these generators with downstream consumers is also covered, ensuring that the insights captured from production data are accessible within the organization. With a focus on accuracy and detailed reporting, the video showcases the platform's capacity to deliver precise synthetic data solutions, culminating in an overview of the decoupling between model training and data generation.