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MOSTLY AI solves one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today: balancing their need for AI & data-driven innovation with privacy protection and GDPR/CCPA compliance. Their synthetic data platform MOSTLY GENERATE helps organizations to unlock their privacy-sensitive big data assets by generating the world’s most accurate synthetic data for behavioral and time-series customer data (e.g. for financial transactions, insurance claims, healthcare data,...). MOSTLY AI’s fundamentally new approach to big data anonymization enables organizations to retain all of the valuable information in a dataset while protecting the privacy of each and every one of their customers. The result is completely anonymous data, that is free to use, free to share, and free to monetize.



If you're currently in the process of evaluating synthetic data vendors, why should you consider MOSTLY AI? Over the past years, we've successfully completed over 50 projects with some of the largest brands in finance, insurance, telco, healthcare, and public sector.

We pride ourselves with having the world's most advanced and accurate synthetic data platform, not only for static data but also for the significantly more complex time series and behavioral data, but for us, it doesn't stop at a great product. We have world-leading experts in the space of synthetic data, and we have a full suite of professional services that really help you to get the most out of MOSTLY GENERATE and out of the synthetic data projects that you have planned.

Of course, we also completed our homework. Currently, we're the only synthetic data vendor that's SOC 2 certified, and that has external legal and technical assessments from reputable law firms that demonstrate that synthetic data that's generated with MOSTLY GENERATE is GDPR compliant, CCPA compliant, and also compliant with the other privacy regulations out there.

For us, it's really about making our customers successful. Therefore, we're happy to hear statements like from Erste Group that they consider our technology to be the only GDPR-compliant solution for AI and advanced analytics. If you're curious to learn more what MOSTLY GENERATE can do for you, reach out to our experts. We are happy to talk with you.