What if your dream job was just a click away? If you share our passion for data and want to build a world with a future where big data and privacy can co-exist, then come and join our diverse team and work from wherever you want, whenever you want!

MOSTLY AI was founded in 2017 in Vienna, Austria, by Michael Platzer, Klaudius Kalcher and Roland Boubela, three distinguished data scientists.

They realized early on the potential of using AI to generate structured business data and to create what we now call synthetic data. Back then this was not much more than an idea. It was unclear how the process was going to work, since no previous research or competitors existed in the space.

The inspiration came from the unstructured data domain where the first artificially created synthetic images were produced. The three co-founders experienced the challenges companies were facing with traditional data anonymization. These challenges only increased as GDPR was introduced in Europe in 2018. MOSTLY AI released the first version of its Synthetic Data Platform at the same time and proved to the world that synthetic data has a vast potential.

MOSTLY AI continues to pioneer the space. The team has grown to an established company with almost 40 team members serving clients all over the world. Backed by leading Austrian and German VCs, MOSTLY AI is on a mission to revolutionize how companies think about and work with data. The company is not only generating high-quality synthetic data but creating an entirely new paradigm: smart data.