This video introduces MOSTLY AI and its generative AI platform that specializes in creating synthetic data for tabular datasets, emphasizing its role in enhancing data privacy and security by maintaining the original data's correlations without a direct one-to-one link. Common use cases, such as democratizing data access within organizations or test data generation are highlighted. MOSTLY AI sets itself apart with its high accuracy, user-friendly interface, and the flexibility of programmatic access through an API and Python client, having catered to privacy-sensitive sectors like banking and insurance since 2017.

The video underscores MOSTLY AI's unique feature of generating 'generators' from original data, which can produce synthetic data securely across an organization without direct access to the original datasets. The presentation concludes with an invitation to explore MOSTLY AI's capabilities further and a teaser for a subsequent demo showcasing the platform's end-to-end workflow for synthetic data generation and utilization.