Mostly AI solves one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing today: balancing their need for AI & Big Data innovation with privacy protection and GDPR/CCPA compliance. By generating Synthetic Data, Mostly AI helps organizations to unlock their privacy-sensitive Big Data assets, as their fundamentally new approach to big data anonymization retains all of the valuable information in a dataset while protecting the privacy of each and every individual in it. This results in completely anonymous data, that is free to use, free to share and free to monetize.

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We at Mostly AI enable organizations to create synthetic customers. But why would your organization need synthetic customers if it already has real ones?

And the answer to this question is fairly simple: Because it solves one of the biggest challenges organizations are facing nowadays, which is balancing their need for AI & Big Data innovation with privacy protection.

Some believe that classic anonymization is a solution to this problem because anonymous data is exempt from data protection regulations like GDPR or CCPA. But the problem is: Classic anonymization has two fundamental flaws.

Firstly, in order to protect privacy it has to destroy information, which is bad if you want to do AI training or Big Data analytics. But secondly - and this is even worse - despite destroying so much information, research has demonstrated that with classically anonymized data it's still easy to re-identify your customers, which puts your organizations at regulatory, reputational and financial risk!

So, what we see is that nowadays organizations are collecting more customer data than ever before. But with classic anonymization, they can only ever use a tiny fraction of this information. And the consequence is that in most organizations customer data is strictly locked away - and can't be freely shared, neither with the creative minds within your organization nor with external collaboration partners like startups or research organizations. But how should your organization ever become data-driven and customer-centric if you can't freely collaborate on this valuable resource customer data?

And to solve this problem, we at Mostly AI developed a game-changer for Big Data anonymization, which allows you to do both: Retain all of the value and information in your datasets while at the same time giving you full anonymization. How does this work?

The solution is called Synthetic Data! And we have a software that leverages generative AI and various privacy guarantees that is installed in the secure environment of our customers. And this software is so powerful, that it can automatically learn all of the structures, all of the correlations, all of the time dependencies of an existing customer data set. And then - once this training is completed - the software can be used to generate an arbitrary number of new synthetic customers from scratch, which have the same correlations, the same structures, the same time-dependencies - just as your original customers had. But the benefit is that Synthetic Data is completely anonymous and thus this data becomes free to use, free to share and free to monetize.

So we at Mostly AI enable all organizations that want to do AI or Big Data innovation to do it faster, cheaper and without the re-identification risk of classic anonymization.

And what we've done here is so fundamentally new and desperately needed by the industry, that we got $7.5 million in funding and public grants.

But the most important point is: I'm NOT talking about a theoretical concept but a software that's already deployed by our international customer base, which consists of some of the largest & most innovative companies in Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, and other industries.

As to the use cases: you can use Synthetic Data for AI training and analytics, development & testing, startup collaborations and even monetizing your data assets.

Our business model: Our software is sold on a license-basis and currently it is installed on-premise or in the private cloud. But we work on moving it to the cloud to be a software-as-a-service operator and reach our goal of becoming the global market leader of Big Data anonymization.

And what makes all of this possible is our amazing team, which has world-class expertise in consumer behavior modeling, deep learning and Big Data.

So, if you are an innovative company & if your Big Data assets are untapped, then reach out to us and Go Synthetic today!