In this video, our Chief Product Officer, Mario Scriminaci, will demonstrate how our latest version of MOSTLY AI's synthetic data generator introduces features that allow users to interact with their original dataset, including our 'Smart Imputation' technique. This technique accurately recreates the original distribution while filling in the gaps for missing values, making it a powerful tool for data exploration and analysis.

You'll get a first-hand look at how our platform works and see how easy it is to use our smart imputation feature. Mario will walk you through the steps, showing you how to generate synthetic data and how to use the smart imputation feature to improve the quality of your data.

If you're a data scientist, data analyst, or anyone working with data, you won't want to miss this video. Learn how MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform can help you generate high-quality synthetic data that is representative and realistic, while maintaining complete protection of each data subject's privacy.

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