Synthetic data generators are the missing piece of the puzzle for building high-performing machine learning models. Give synthetic data generation a try now, for free, easy, and fast. No coding, credit card, or daunting procurement processes required.

💡What is synthetic data?
Synthetic data is set to become the standard training data used for building AI/ML models, overcoming issues of privacy, imbalance, underperformance, and explainability with a single solution. It’s generated based on seed data with additional privacy mechanisms in place.

💡You can use synthetic data generators to

⚡Create more data for better ML performance - we found that improvement can be a few percentage points -
⚡Balance data with synthetic upsampling - improvement in ML performance can be as much as 15% -
⚡Use the population-level intelligence of all your customer data without using any of the original data in model training
⚡Provide explainability via shareable training datasets for model interpretation and validation -

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