In this webinar, Mario Scriminaci, MOSTLY AI's Chief Product Officer explains how AI-generated synthetic data can help QA teams overcome their biggest data challenges. Smarter and realistic synthetic data is a smarter choice for data generation than mock data generators and is a great way to automate data privacy in your test data. From this webinar you will find out:

  • why MOSTLY AI is the leader in the field of AI-generated synthetic data,
  • why high quality data is so crucial for organizations to thrive,
  • what are the biggest challenges in test data generation,
  • why test data is broken,
  • how legacy anonymization techniques endanger the privacy of your customers and the success of your data projects,
  • what kinds of software testing can really benefit from access to a reliable synthetic data generator,
  • what is the problem with rule-based data generation,
  • why production data should never be used in testing,
  • what is programmable synthetic data and how it can help you develop better digital products.