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GenAI for tabular data

Still struggling with real data? Use existing data and the power of Generative AI for synthetic data generation. Synthetic data is privacy-safe and fully flexible to work with.
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Why use synthetic data?

Synthetic data is more accessible than real data.

Synthetic versions of your real data can be shared without privacy concerns, directly from the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform. Synthetic data does not contain any personal data and is privacy-safe.
“We see synthetic data as the foundation for all future data-driven development, as it provides the only GDPR-compliant method for unlocking advanced analytics and insights based on customer data.”
Dietmar Böckmann
Managing Director, IT Solutions
- ERSTE Group

Synthetic data is more flexible than real data.

Synthetic data generation allows you to easily manipulate the data. Downsize large datasets into more manageable versions, blow up small datasets for stress testing systems, upsample minority classes for more accurate machine learning models, perform data simulations by changing distributions, or fill in missing data with realistic synthetic data points. The options are endless!
“Synthetic data can be used to test a model for biases, to drive pilot projects, and to determine whether it’s worth the time and trouble to get the approvals to work with the real data. Synthetic data allows the organization to create millions of unique profiles, each containing all the data it needs to test the software and find edge cases that weren’t initially identified.”
Ornit Shinar
Global Head of External Innovation and Venture Investing
- Citi Innovation Labs

Synthetic data is smarter than real data.

Real data always comes with significant limitations. Legacy data anonymization techniques destroy the utility and the intelligence of your real data. Synthetic data generation provides higher privacy and high utility. Organizations like Citi, Humana and SWIFT are already reaping the benefits of synthetic data. Simply put, synthetic data is just…smarter.
“Thanks to MOSTLY AI's synthetic data solution, we can work and innovate with the most sensitive data type there is: health data. The synthetic health data generated with MOSTLY AI is so accurate that it can serve as a drop-in replacement for privacy-sensitive real data in analytics and machine learning development, representing true innovation.”
Daniela Pak-Graf
- Merkur Innovation Lab
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Python Client magic

The MOSTLY AI Python Client is the official tool for interfacing with the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform, offering a suite of functionalities directly out of a Python environment. Get started with 5 lines of code.
#!pip install mostlyai
from mostlyai import MostlyAI
mostly = MostlyAI(api_key='your_api_key')
# train a generator on your data
g = mostly.train(data)
# generate a synthetic dataset
sd = mostly.generate(g)

# consume synthetic as pd.DataFrame
syn = sd.data()
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Where does synthetic data generation fit in?

You can connect MOSTLY AI to wherever you store your data, such as your cloud data warehouse, data lake, or RDBMS. Transform it, synthesize, and share it directly from our platform to use for BI, AI/ML, collaboration, and much more.
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