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Generative AI for tabular data

AI-generated synthetic data provides shorter time-to-data, more machine learning models in production, and data privacy.
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Platform overview

One platform to transform data and take you further

Synthetic data sets teams free to originate, amend and share datasets in ways that overcome the ethical challenges of using real, anonymized or dummy data. Synthesize data you can actually work with from one intuitive interface.
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Referential data integrity
Automated privacy protection
  • "A robust commercial solution for hierarchical data synthesis was offered by the company MOSTLY AI to test the synthesis quality. The results (...) are impressive."
    Multipurpose synthetic population for policy applications
    European Commission, Joint Research Centre
  • "We see synthetic data as the foundation for all future data-driven development, as it provides the only GDPR-compliant method for unlocking advanced analytics and insights based on customer data."
    Dietmar Böckmann
    Managing Director, IT Solutions, ERSTE Group
  • "MOSTLY AI has demonstrated quickly how innovative approaches can benefit a group like TelefĂłnica. This makes it all the more exciting that the start-up will help wayra to make the cooperation of other start-ups in our hub with TelefĂłnica even smoother and more effective in the future."
    Florian BogenschĂĽtz
    Managing Director, Wayra, TelefĂłnica
The Executive’s Guide to AI-Generated Synthetic Data with Real-Life Examples
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The data problem

Data is a hard nut to crack. It's far from perfect and difficult to share and use. According to Gartner, 85% of machine learning projects fail due to data issues.

Data is:

heavily masked
or downright insufficient
smart data imputation
data augmentation
no data utility loss
automated data privacy
data diversity
ready for cloud and data sharing
data exploration
all of the above without coding

The synthetic data alternative

Switching to a data-centric machine learning strategy pays off in more ways than one. With synthetic training data, your machine learning projects could have:

How does synthetic data help ML and analytics projects?

AI-generated synthetic data is generated based on real data samples. MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data generator is capable of learning the most granular level details of correlations, distributions and properties and generating data that is:
statistically representative of the seed data
protects the privacy of the data subjects
imputes missing values with the original distribution
rebalanced for simulating what-if scenarios
compliant with the strictest privacy laws
ready for non-coding users and through API
easy to use, enabling data consumption and data exploration
Smarter Synthetic Data

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Everything you want to know about generating and using synthetic data but were too afraid to ask. Learn about why synthetic data matters. Learn how synthetic data is reshaping the way organizations can handle, share and create new opportunities from their data.
Synthetic data knowledge hub
Melanie Hartl, Customer Success Manager and CISO

The safest hands wear synthetic gloves

Synthetic data generation means datasets retain all the useful, statistical properties with none of the privacy risk. Discover how our platform keeps your customers’ information airtight.
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News, views and plenty of useful materials to further your synthetic data understanding.

Synthetic data generation. For free, forever.

The best way to learn about synthetic data is to experiment with synthetic data generation. Register your free forever account and generate your first synthetic dataset based on and representative of real data. No coding or advanced data science knowledge required. 
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