5 Ways to Become a Data-Driven Business

Synthetic data is a versatile, GDPR-compliant tool ready to serve a wide variety of use cases

The most common synthetic data use cases

Rapid POC Evaluation

Evaluate software products with as-good-as-real synthetic data to reduce vendor-related costs and risks while speeding up innovation and product development in your organization.

Analytics & AI Training

Synthetic data is exempt from privacy regulations, enabling data scientists to see the big picture by accessing privacy-compliant, statistically identical synthetic repositories seamlessly.

Product development and testing

MOSTLY AI’s easy to use synthetic data platform empowers you to create a realistic test data environment with synthetic copies of your production data in a privacy safe fashion.

Hackathons & Datathons

As-good-as-real synthetic copies of your production datasets enable hackathon participants to work on robust solutions safely and without the debilitating limits of data scarcity while keeping privacy intact.

Fraud detection and AML

Testing, training, and calibrating your machine learning models with realistic artificial data that is representative of the fraudulent activities your institution encounters improve fraud detection and the AML models’ accuracy.

Synthetic data use cases by industries

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