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Leverage the power of GenAI to share and explore tabular data
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The MOSTLY AI Platform

MOSTLY AI enables true data democratization so that you can build a better - data driven - tomorrow.


Ensure compliance and privacy.
Share your most sensitive data assets by creating fully anonymous synthetic data with highly optimized GenAI models.


Enable everyone in your organization to explore your data using natural language. Extract insights and create analyses in a blink of an eye. No coding skills required.
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Use Cases

Data sharing
AI/ML development
Self service analytics
Testing & QA

Data sharing

Data is a powerful tool. But only when it’s accessible. Data privacy regulations today make it more and more difficult for companies to work with and share data.
Use GenAI
to create fully anonymous
synthetic data that is “as good” as your
real data
Comply with privacy regulations
like GDPR, CCPA, etc.
Reduce time-to-data
for your internal
teams and external partners.

AI/ML development

AI and Machine Learning models are hungry for data. Unfortunately, that data is often locked away, not fitting, or contains biases.
Unlock restricted data
by using fully
anonymous synthetic data
Improve ML model performance
creating the synthetic data you actually need
Correct for biases
in your data
Speed up your AI/ML development
initiatives and get to value faster

Self service analytics

The answers to many of your questions are in your data. However, your data analytics and data science teams are overloaded with work. The average person in your organization is not data literate enough and can't benefit from your data.
Get insights
from your data by asking
questions via a simple to use natural language interface
Ensure privacy
of your customers by
utilizing fully anonymous synthetic data
Enable anyone in your organization
make informed and data-driven decisions

Testing & QA

Software development relies on proper testing. Development and staging environments however often lack one important ingredient: representative test data.
Populate non-production environments
with privacy preserving synthetic data
Create mock data
and enrich existing
datasets to quickly create the data you need
Detect bugs
earlier and faster and
improve the quality of your software


GenAI powered data exploration and analysis without the need for
specialized expertise
Natural language interface
control all aspects of the MOSTLY AI Platform
has access to fully
anonymous synthetic data
Python code
can be executed on
the fly in order to create analyses and charts on that data
with any self or
externally hosted LLM (e.g. GPT from OpenAI)

Privacy by design

As pioneers of fully anonymous synthetic data privacy is in our DNA.
The MOSTLY AI Platform
you to create fully anonymous synthetic data from your original data
Optimized GenAI
models for 
tabular data result in highest performance and scalability
Synthetic data
can be easily
shared internally and externally without compromising any privacy regulations like GDPR, CCPA, etc.


most accurate synthetic data

Our proprietary GenAI model architectures enable you to create the world's most accurate synthetic data
Consistently benchmarked
highest accuracy synthetic data in the market
This makes our synthetic data
suitable for sophisticated AI/ML use cases
for multi-variate
time series data
for multi-tables
and relational DBs

Built for

the Enterprise

Deploy in an air-gapped environment and integrate with your Enterprise infrastructure
The MOSTLY AI Platform
deploys easily in either a Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster
No data ever leaves
your secure
We don’t have access
to your
data and won't use your data to train models
SOC2 Type 2
Utilize our powerful Python client to manage your data workflows out of any Python environment.
  • Easily integrate into your existing data workflows

  • Convenient Python Client as wrapper for the API

  • pip install -U mostlyai and get going!
Create tabular data from scratch powered by the magic of LLMs
  • Use our free open-source service DataLLM if you have no data to begin with, but quickly want to create realistic data, e.g. for demo purposes or testing
  • Leverage to world-knowledge of a fine-tuned LLM
Enrich tabular data powered by the magic of LLMs
  • Use our free open-source service DataLLM if you want to enrich existing datasets with new columns

  • Leverage to world-knowledge of a fine-tuned LLM

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