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We create business value with AI-generated synthetic data

Generate synthetic data from your real customer data to unlock insights! Synthetic data is better-than-real data for AI training, governance, software development and testing. The best choice in highly regulated industries like banking and insurance.

Create new data-driven revenue streams

Personalized services and solutions require representative, diverse and safe data. Synthetic data allows businesses to unlock new revenue streams.

Drive digital innovation and transformation

Innovation thrives on data. But the modern-day data ecosystem is restricted, biased and incomplete. Using MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform, enterprises can unlock, share, fix and simulate data.

Overcome data silos

Data sharing both within organizations and across borders remains a big challenge. Synthetic data is safe to share -  without compromising on data privacy.

Be faster than your competition

Synthetic data solves data access issues in software testing. Agile test data generation reduces time-to-market and takes restricted production data out of non-production environments.

Get synthetic data advice

Introducing synthetic data generation to your business requires more than the technology. MOSTLY AI delivers expert advice for seamless integration into your processes and environment.

Preserve privacy and trust

Data privacy is at the core of all that MOSTLY AI does. Its synthetic data is compliant with the strictest data protection laws.
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The world’s only enterprise-grade synthetic data platform for true business impact

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Use case flexibility
From better-than-real AI training data and governance data to realistic synthetic test data for software development.
Fully automated synthetic data generation
Forget cumbersome manual data generation and painfully long, risky data anonymization. Generate flexibly sized, realistic synthetic data with the push of a button.
Integrate easily with your existing enterprise systems
Synthesize, read and write entire databases directly into your existing architecture.
Full data service for AI: training, testing and governance
Synthetic data can dramatically improve the performance of your AI models and provide explainability to your AI systems.
Realistic test data is just a click away
Are you spending hours on end to create test data manually? Let AI do the job for you!

Our customers love MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform

Our synthetic data platform is used by enterprises to generate data for smart and safe services. 

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