Our Mission

foster privacy-preserving BIG DATA applications in the digital age

Our Services

AI Academy

We design, prepare, host and coach in-house Machine Learning competitons – to boost your organization's data science competences – providing hands-on AI training for your engineers with your data and your use cases.

Next-Gen AI-based Data Anonymization

Tougher privacy regulations hamper innovation as well monetization of user data. We leverage latest AI research findings for generating synthetic, yet realistic and representative user data, retaining structure and correlations at granular level, while preserving the privacy of individuals.


We also love to engage actively with the wider data science community, and are the proud initiators and co-hosts of the AI Summit Vienna 2017, which saw world-renowned AI researchers and practitioners share their expertise with an enthusiastic tech-savvy audience in the heart of Europe.

The Team

Data enthusiasts with a strong research background, as well as year-long industry experience in applied data science.

Dr Michael Platzer

Partner & CEO

Dr Roland Boubela

Partner & CTO

Dr Klaudius Kalcher

Partner & Chief Data Scientist

Dr Paul Tiwald

Senior Data Scientist

DI Thomas Gamauf

Senior Software Engineer

Dr Felix Dorrek

Senior Data Scientist

Jan Valendin, MSc

Research Scientist

DI Oliver Leodolter

Data Scientist, external

Prof Dr Thomas Reutterer

Research Advisor

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If you wish to learn more about us and our services, please drop us a message. We would love to get in contact with you.