MOSTLY AI is a Vienna, Austria based high-tech startup that has developed game-changing AI technology for synthetic data.

Our solutions enable organizations across the world and across industries to safely share big data assets, internally as well as externally, while keeping the privacy of their customers fully protected.

This breakthrough in data protection is made possible by leveraging generative deep neural networks that extract patterns, structures and variations from existing data to generate highly realistic & highly accurate synthetic customers.

Our international team of data enthusiasts takes pride in offering the world’s most advanced synthetic data solutions, and thus to enable a big data ecosystem where privacy is truly respected.

Our Values



Pursuing the highest standards in everything we do

At MOSTLY AI, we adhere to the highest standards and take pride in delivering state-of-the art solutions that have the potential to change the world. We confidently strive to create excellent products through consistent effort. With persistence, grit and unwavering determination, we will continue to lead the way as first movers in our industry, delivering quality work along every step of the way.



Being responsible to each other and our customers

We believe trust is earned over time but can be destroyed in the blink of an eye. We exist so that our partners succeed. If you work at MOSTLY AI or are using one of our products, you can count on us to deliver. We are reliable. If you make the commitment to work with us today, we’ll prove to you tomorrow, next week, next month and for years to come that it was the right choice. This is our responsibility.



Learning, creating, and evolving together

Our success is driven by collaborative effort and intellectual exchange with others. We are proud that our team includes world class experts in their respective fields. By encouraging each other to imagine and share ideas, we’re empowered to listen, learn, create and evolve as one. We are greater than the sum of our parts. Together, we can achieve greatness.



Embracing versatility and adaptability

We strive to find diverse and creative minds to expand our collective perspective. We are flexible in where, when and how we work. To us, it’s about dedication to problem solving and getting things done. It’s about being able to adapt to constant change. We believe that a flexible work environment results in stronger employee engagement, improved productivity, better work-life balance and increased fulfilment.


Exploring uncharted territory

We are fearless and open to forging our own path. At MOSTLY AI, we embrace imagination while chasing our goals. We evolve, innovate and push each other to improve by thinking out of the box, and believe that without challenge, there is no growth.

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