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MOSTLY AI’s Python Client

The MOSTLY AI Python Client is the official tool for interfacing with the MOSTLY AI Synthetic Data Platform, offering a suite of functionalities directly out of a Python environment.

Python Client magic

Get started with only 5 lines of code.
#!pip install mostlyai
from mostlyai import MostlyAI
mostly = MostlyAI(api_key='your_api_key')

# train a generator on your data
g = mostly.train(data)

# generate a synthetic dataset
sd = mostly.generate(g)

# consume synthetic as pd.DataFrame
syn = sd.data()
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Simple and intuitive usage

No steep learning curve necessary.
Python Client Progress

The power of GenAI for tabular data

Train and manage Generative AI models for creating synthetic data
Seamlessly integrate with your data infrastructure for data ingestion and output
Automate the creation and management of synthetic datasets
Ensure compliance and privacy through secure data handling
Work effectively together in data science and analytics teams
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Watch the Python Client in action

Check out these short videos below to help get you started.

Python Client in our Tutorials

Our Tutorials show various ways of working with the Python Client. Simply clone the tutorial repository to your own environment and run it locally via Jupyter Lab, or run the tutorials directly on Google's cloud resources via Colab.
Colab Tutorials
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