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Synthetic Data

The synthetic data guide

Synthetic data is the AI-generated version of real data. AI algorithms learn the patterns and dimensions of data. Once they were trained, they can generate infinite amounts of synthetic data that is statistically representative of the original training data.
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What is AI-generated synthetic data?

AI-generated synthetic data is the meaning of the original source data without any of the sensitive information. The patterns, the correlations, the insights all remain the same, yet none of the datapoints match those in the original dataset used to train the synthetic data generator. 

These synthetic datasets contain all the value of the data without any privacy risk. A bit like a rich cake without calories.
Synthetic data gives a true representation of the real world. As a result, it can be used as a drop-in placement for real data. What's more, synthetic data generation allows for data augmentation processes to mold the dataset to fit certain criteria, like size or fairness. 

What is fair synthetic data?

Historical data is like a mirror of the world we live in. This means that it's full of bias, discrimination, and injustice. AI systems trained on raw historical data will pick these bad patterns up and amplify them at scale. MOSTLY AI's team has been at the forefront of fairness research since day one. We've been working on methods to remove these embedded biases via synthetization. Fair synthetic data generation introduces constraints based on a mathematical definition of fairness.  
AI-generated synthetic datasets are flexible, safe to hold, share and discard. The process of data synthesis is suitable for subsetting and augmenting the original data. As a result, synthetic data serves exceptionally well as test data and AI training data. It really is better than real.

How to generate synthetic data?

MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform is easy to use. Through an intuitive interface, and you can generate synthetic data without coding. The free online version of our synthetic data generator offers limited functionality, but allows you to experience synthetic data generation first hand. If you would like to use the enterprise version of MOSTLY AI’s synthetic data platform, please contact us!

How to start your synthetic data journey

Gartner recommends to start your synthetic data journey with tabular data and to include synthetic data in your overall data strategy. We at MOSTLY AI can help you every step of the way!

If you would like to explore what benefits synthetic data can bring to your organization, consider the following steps:
Identify your data challenges
Assess situations in which data restrictions, privacy regulations or other governance requirements have impacted your business activities.
Define your use case
Based on this assessment, describe how access to highly representative and completely anonymous data could solve this data challenge.
Partner with experts
Get in touch with a trusted synthetic data specialist and advisor like MOSTLY AI to shape your synthetic data solution
Build your roadmap
Together with your trusted synthetic data advisors, develop the best commercial and procedural set up for the implementation of synthetic data generation in your business.

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