MOSTLY AI supports SWIFT in deploying AI at scale
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MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform features

Safe data-sharing and effective data stewardship
  • Our AI-powered synthetic data generator learns the statistical patterns of the original data.
  • The AI algorithm recreates learned patterns using a population of fictional characters.
  • Synthesize datasets of customer profiles, journeys, transactions, and other sequential and temporal data.
  • Synthesize entire databases with fully intact, realistic, and usable referential integrity.
Transparent controls for data privacy
  • With MOSTLY AI, privacy is not a blackbox. We give you full control over the protection of outliers and rare categories.
Accuracy at your control
  • With MOSTLY AI, synthetic data accuracy is not an accidental by-product of privacy protection. You’re free to choose the right level of accuracy for your use case.
Automation, but with a human in the loop
  • MOSTLY AI analyzes your data and preconfigures the synthetic data generation settings accordingly. There’s no need to manually configure relationships and data types.
  • Our intuitive, guidance-rich UI is there to help you adjust these settings to fit your use case.
Synthesize without boundaries
  • Synthesize datasets without size limitations.
  • GPU and compute cluster support helps you to obtain large synthetic datasets faster.
Synthetic data privacy and quality assessment
  • MOSTLY AI won't leave you in the dark when it comes to synthetic data quality and privacy. Each generated synthetic dataset comes with an accuracy and privacy report.
  • A detailed QA report shows all privacy metrics, statistical distributions, and correlations.
Seamless integration with your enterprise systems
  • We support your company’s cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
  • Connect to AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud storage buckets.
  • Read and write to MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL and Db2 databases.
Extended support for different data types
  • Synthesize geolocation data with our Latitude, Longitude data type. Synthetic geodata provides insights into the mobility of customers, driving and delivery personnel.
  • Our text data type can synthesize product numbers and short descriptions. Synthetic text is based on the format and contents of the original data.
  • Use Mock data to generate test cases that are not present in the production data.
Tailor-made for the enterprise
  • Use the REST API to integrate MOSTLY AI in your data pipeline. This way, your valuable, sensitive data never leaves its protected domain.
  • Data Catalogs allow you to reuse your job settings on incoming streams on data. The Data Catalog feature allows for carefree automation of data pipelines.
  • User management - MOSTLY AI integrates seamlessly with your company’s Active Directory. Configure user roles and per-user access. Benefit from easy onboarding and offboarding of your company's employees.
  • SOC 2 Type 2 compliance for maximum security.