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MOSTLY AI's synthetic data platform features

Safe data-sharing and effective data stewardship

Our AI-powered synthetic data generator learns the statistical patterns of the original data.
The AI algorithm recreates learned patterns using a population of fictional characters.
Synthesize datasets of customer profiles, journeys, transactions, and other sequential and temporal data.
Synthesize entire databases with fully intact, realistic, and usable referential integrity.

Out-of-the-box, zero effort, and smart privacy-security

With MOSTLY AI, privacy-secure synthetic data is the default, regardless of the settings you choose.
Rare categories are protected in a context-aware manner—if a female data subject has a rare name, it will be replaced with a female non-rare name.
Extreme values are protected in all formats, including numerical and datetime.
Lists, sequences, and time-series data benefit from extreme sequence length protection.

Flexiblesynthetic data that's fit for your use case

Choose your accuracy goals and shape your data into the output you want. MOSTLY AI stands ready to serve your needs.

Automation, but with a human in the loop

MOSTLY AI analyzes your data and preconfigures the synthetic data generation settings accordingly. There’s no need to manually configure relationships and data types.
Our intuitive, guidance-rich UI is there to help you adjust these settings to fit your use case.

Synthesize without boundaries

Synthesize datasets without size limitations.
GPU and compute cluster support helps you to obtain large synthetic datasets faster.

Synthetic data privacy and quality assessment

MOSTLY AI won't leave you in the dark when it comes to synthetic data quality and privacy. Each generated synthetic dataset comes with an accuracy and privacy report.
A detailed QA report shows all privacy metrics, statistical distributions, and correlations.

Seamless integration with your enterprise systems

We support your company’s cloud and on-premises infrastructure.
Connect to AWS, GCP, and Azure cloud storage buckets.
Connect to the DB2 family of databases, enabling synthetic data for mainframe applications.
MySQL support enables synthetic data in the cloud and integrates MOSTLY AI with cloud databases like AWS Aurora, Google Cloud SQL, and many more
Read and write to MS SQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

Extended support for different data types

Synthesize geolocation data with our Latitude, Longitude data type. Synthetic geodata provides insights into the mobility of customers, driving and delivery personnel.
Put unstructured natural language texts to use in your AI/ML applications. Insurance claim reports, medical diagnoses, and other types of unstructured texts capture details that aren’t present in structured forms of data.
Use Mock data to generate test cases that are not present in the production data.

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