MOSTLY GENERATE Demo Version Now Publicly Available!

Experience the world’s most accurate Synthetic Data Generator today

We proudly present a light demo version of our powerful enterprise solution Mostly GENERATE and warmly welcome you to try it out for free.

What Does Mostly GENERATE Do?

Mostly GENERATE enables you to automatically transform your privacy-sensitive big data assets into highly realistic and accurate synthetic datasets. The benefit is, that synthetic data is fully anonymous and thus exempt from data protection regulations. This results in as-good-as-real data, that is free to use, share or monetize. So with Mostly GENERATE, you are finally able to freely innovate with one of your most valuable resources – all while avoiding the financial, regulatory or reputational risks of a privacy violation!

How Does Mostly GENERATE Work?

Mostly GENERATE leverages state-of-the-art generative deep neural networks with in-built privacy mechanisms to automatically learn the patterns, structure and variation from an existing dataset. Once the training is completed, it allows you to simulate an unlimited number of highly realistic and representative – but completely anonymous – synthetic customers. Thereby, you are able to retain all the valuable information in your data assets, while at the same time rendering the re-identification of any individual impossible.

How Does The Demo Compare?

Although the MOSTLY GENERATE Demo is offered for free, it comes with the same powerful core technology as the enterprise version: our fully automated Synthetic Data Engine. This will enable you to generate synthetic data based on a provided actual dataset and to experience the magic of generative AI in action. Try it out today and persuade yourself of its quality, its flexibility and its ease-of-use.

Automatically generated quality assurance reports allow you to easily compare
the quality of your synthetic data (blue) with the original (grey).

But keep in mind, that it is a free version and that some usage restrictions apply. While the enterprise version of Mostly GENERATE supports multiple tables and extremely large datasets with millions of rows and hundreds of columns, we limit the input for the free version to a single table with 50.000 rows and 50 columns. Furthermore, you won’t have the same flexibility as with our enterprise version to configure the training or the generation process. And as we operate this demo on a low-cost cloud infrastructure, the compute time will be significantly longer than for production setups.

Lastly, since it is a demo version, you must not use it to upload any personal or sensitive data. But no worries – if you don’t have a suitable dataset at hand, just go to Kaggle and choose a publicly available dataset you like. Or, if you are looking for even more convenience, simply select one of the datasets already provided on the demo site to start your first synthetization run in a matter of seconds!

With that being said, we warmly welcome you to try out this service and to start your own personal journey with synthetic data. We are very much looking forward to your valued feedback and are here to answer your questions, should any arise.

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