"Synthetic data is the perfect input into machine learning and AI" - read the EU report on synthetic data
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Data Democratization Podcast

Inspiring data, responsible AI and privacy stories. Think AI, privacy legislations, synthetic data and more.
Alexandra Ebert Data Democratization Podcast
Episode 17 -
September 29, 2021
- 46 mins

Synthetic data engineering in insurance and banking with Jim Hu, MOSTLY AI's Sales Engineer

Jim Hu, MOSTLY AI's Sales Engineer shares the most exciting synthetic data use cases from the banking and insurance sector.
Episode 15 -
September 7, 2021
- 63 mins

Data best practices with Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer

Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer knows how to tell a good data story. Listen to the episode if you want to learn the tricks!
Episode 14 -
August 11, 2021
- 45min. mins

Privacy blindspots in banking with Amir Tabakovic, Mobey Forum

All banks have data privacy blindspots. It's crucial to do away with all of them.