Engagement Surveys

Why are we doing them?

Our employee engagement surveys help MOSTLY AI:

  • Hearing your voice. You usually have great ideas!

  • Identifying areas for improvement. The more we know, the better we can measure, and make improvements.

  • Measuring how engaged, motivated, and satisfied (or not) MOSTLIES feel towards their work, manager, colleagues and the company overall.  

  • Building a thriving company culture of open feedback.

  • Turning data into decisions. To drive meaningful change, we need to have data.

But why is it sooooooo long?

  • There’s a lot to cover! We take the pulse on categories like workload, team work, compensation and benefits, professional growth, diversity, belonging, inclusion, etc.

  • We measure and improve the engagement drivers that matter most to build a great company culture.

To achieve this 👆🏾, we need to track changes in engagement levels and indicators throughout the time. One single engagement survey is like a snapshot (it captures a single moment in time), but many engagement surveys along the years show the changes and evolution over time.

Ratings and open answers

We use Leapsome’s default questions and ratings (from 0 to 10) in the majority of the questions, with the scores being ranked as:

(big grin) Promoters (9-10)

(blue star) Neutrals (7-8)

(blue star) Detractors (0-6)

By doing so we can benchmark our results with the industry’s results. We want to be among the best!

As for the open questions, we kindly ask you to write effective and constructive feedback.

Although the participation on employee engagement surveys is optional, this kind of feedback is healthy and important because it makes us aware of what’s going well and not, and helps deciding where time and energy is best spent. Thanks for playing along! 🙌🏽

Engagement survey 2023 Q1

Overall score

Participation rate

8.5 / 10



8-12 May 2023

  • The overall results will be shared with the Department Leads for review.

May 2023

  • Each department will deep dive in the results.

May-Ongoing: action plans

  • Each department will take the necessary actions to tackle the challenges that have been identified, including but not limited to the action plan.

Engagement survey 2022 Q3

Overall score

Participation rate

7.99 / 10



28 November 2022

  • The overall results will be shared with the Department and Team leads for review.

5-9 December 2022

  • Each department will deep dive in the results.

  • Each department will prepare an action plan to tackle the challenges that have been identified.

12 December 2022

  • At the Monthly MOSTLY Status meeting we will share additional insights and actions with you.

Engagement survey 2022 Q2

Overall score

Participation rate

#of comments

8.4 / 10





  • Hire faster great talents

  • Review Priorities → OKRs

  • Mental Health Awareness Month

    • Webinar

    • Mental Health Day (Friday May 27th)

  • Reduced scope for release 2.3


  • Create confluence for salary increase process

  • Review the set-up of the compensation conversation

People & Operations

  • clear role definition

  • Documentation

Recognition & Feedback

  • Management Training on how to provide critical feedback

  • Introduce peer 2 peer bonus

  • Promote CEO award

Find here the detailed analysis.

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