Brazilian Brigadeiro

From: Brazil


  • 1 can/pack of Sweet condensed milk

  • 1/2 cup of Chocolate powder: the same you add to milk, like Nesquik. If you like darker put more.

  • 1 Tbsp margarine or butter (plus more for hands)

  • Sprinkles: can be colored, chocolate or white...


Depends on the size of balls, around 10-15 balls


This is a really simple recipe, BUT needs attention!

Combine all ingredients in a saucepan

Cook on medium heat

Stir and scrape!

Stir and scrape!

Stir and scrape!
Stirring and scraping is the key to the process, it will prevent the mixture from burning and become smooth with no lumps.
Once you scrap the bottom of the pan and the mixture is firm enough to take 2-3 seconds to return to its place you can turn the heat off.
Put the mixture on a plate and let it cool to the touch.
Once it's cool, lightly butter your hands and scoop a tablespoon size portion and roll little balls.
Cover the balls with sprinkles.


Let's say it correctly: bree-gah-day-ro! It is a classic, impossible to eat only one...


From: Austria


  • 130g flour

  • 30g sugar

  • 250g milk

  • 4 eggs (cold!)

  • butter

  • granulated sugar

  • powder sugar

  • apple sauce


1.5 Servings


(1) Mix flour sugar and milk
(2) DO NOT separate the eggs, but stir them - not too long
(3) Mix 1 and 2 together
Melt butter in a pan on medium heat
Add the dough - cover up the pan
When the dough is relatively done, flip it
Scramble into pieces
Add granulated sugar and butter
Heat a little longer
Put on a plate and add powder sugar on top
Serve with apple sauce


This is the best Kaiserschmarrn recipe in history. Learned this recipe two years ago from the Chef at the Heidelberger Hütte after having had the best Kaiserschmarrn in my life there (and this means something, as I've had many Kaiserschmarrns in my life). Have been perfecting Kaiserschmarrn ever since and probably cooked this recipe 20+ times.

Kärntner Reinling

From: Austria


  • For the dough:

    • 0,5 l milk

    • 20 g granulated sugar

    • 1 pkg. vanilla sugar

    • 6 egg yolks

    • 1 egg

    • 1/16 l rum

    • 250 g butter

    • 1 kg flour (+ a little more for the work surface)

    • 1 tsp. salt

    • 2 pkg. dry yeast

  • For the filling:

    • 200 g liquid butter (+ a little more for the mold)

    • 25 g cinnamon powder

    • 400 g granulated sugar

    • raisins (according to taste)


A lot. (smile)


Heat milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, egg yolks, egg and rum in a saucepan (do not boil) and whisk until all ingredients are evenly mixed.

In a separate saucepan, slowly heat butter and add to milk mixture (not too hot). Mix flour, salt and dry yeast. Knead with the butter-sugar-egg mixture until the dough has a silky consistency.

Sprinkle a bowl with flour and let the dough rise in it, covered with a kitchen towel, in a warm place for about 1 hour. In the meantime, mix the sugar and cinnamon. Generously butter the pan and sprinkle evenly with some sugar-cinnamon mixture.

After the dough has risen the first time, knead it well again and spread it approx. 0.5 cm thick, roll out on a work surface dusted with flour. Brush the dough with butter and sprinkle evenly with the sugar-cinnamon mixture and raisins. Roll up tightly, shape into a circle (snail) and place in the prepared mold. Cover with a kitchen towel and leave in a warm place for another hour.

Prick the surface 3-4 times. Preheat oven to 180° top-bottom heat. Bake the Reindling for 10 minutes with the oven slightly open (insert cooking spoon) and bake for another 50 minutes with the oven closed. Let it cool in the mold, turn out and enjoy.