Both individual contributors and managers have managing responsibilities, but whilst individual contributors perform more self-management, managers are in charge of a group of people, which may include individual contributors, and the projects and processes they are working on.

MOSTLY AI managers should understand how to motivate their direct reports, inspire them to take action / create a positive impact and develop a high-performance culture within their teams.

This space is a sandbox for miscellaneous management-related topics. Let’s use it to share thoughts, tips, and other materials related to Management & Leadership.

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People managers toolkit:

In cooperation with People Operations:


Where / How

Prepare onboardings

Provide regular feedback

Have 1:1s with direct reports at least once per week

Manage performance reviews &

Support development plans

Formally 2 times per year but should be an ongoing process.

Co-manage compensation & PSOP reviews

1 time per year

Become familiar with the different types of employment

MOSTLY can offer 4 types of relationship:

  • Employee hired by MOSTLY AI Solutions MP GmbH in Austria

  • Employee hired by MOSTLY AI Inc. in USA

  • Freelance contractor anywhere apart from Austria and USA

  • Employer of Record (EOR) anywhere apart from Austria and USA

See an overview here and note the differences on several content in the Employee Handbook (ex. policies in Austria, absences on EOR)

Learn about Business Performance Management

See how we use

For ex. you will need this knowledge to set goals with your direct reports during performance reviews

Manage attendance

Employees based in Austria:

Manage time off

Employees hired in Austria and USA, and Freelances:

  • Personio

Employees hired via an Employer of Record (EOR):

  • Personio

  • EOR’s platform (ex. Remote)

Manage special leaves

Parental Leave:

  1. Ensure that you and the employee are informed about the parental policy and due procedures.

  2. Prepare the Out of Office coverage - how will your team prepare for the absence of this person.

  3. Define a communication plan with the employee during the absence - this should be completely optional and flexible once the baby arrives, to ensure that we prioritize the needs of the employee.

  4. Give our congratulations to the family when time is due, and send a MOSTLY AI ‘baby shower gift - ensure that this is arranged ahead of time with the People Team.

  5. Prepare the return of your employee ahead (keep a written list of relevant items that happened during the leave), by preparing an “re-onboarding” plan if needed.

Sickness Leave:

  1. Sickness leaves longer than 3 days must be booked on Personio with a medical certificate attached.

  2. Prepare the Out of Office coverage - how will your team prepare for the absence of this person.

  3. Extremely long (+ 3 weeks) sickness leaves should be managed on a case by case scenario in cooperation with the People team.

Recognize and reward

Encourage the recognition and reward team members for their hard work and contributions. Celebrate successes and milestones as a team.

Foster social events / team buildings

Ideas for teams to gather virtually

Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

It’s crucial for Leadership to promote DEIB initiatives and setting the right tone:

  • Join Slack #deib-agenda and give your ideas/contributions.

  • Promote the use of inclusive language.

Address People-related requests, issues, challenges

In cooperation with the People team, address topics - ex. Unpaid leave, Part-time work, Underperformance - with the utmost care and diligence.

Prepare offboardings

  • After receiving the resignation letter or informing the employee about the termination, please inform the rest of the team / department. Don't wait too long! Please inform the rest of the team in a timely and transparent manner. The news will then be shared by Tobi in the following STATUS meeting.

  • Complete the assigned on Personio (ex. knowledge transfer, farewell message, etc)

In cooperation with Legal:


Where / How

Update Vendor Contracts

Please upload all contracts entered into by your team with third-party vendors to the Vendor Folder on the Legal Drive. If you did not receive a copy of the contract (for example, if you just subscribed to a service via a website), simply put a link to the vendor website in the Vendor Spreadsheet.

Ongoing Advice

Always feel free to reach out to Former user (Deleted) for any legal guidance / advice, especially in case of doubt.

In cooperation with Finance:


Where / How

Manage finance requests (reimbursements, payments, credit cards)

  • Spendesk

In cooperation with Talent Acquisition:


Where / How

Promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

  • Work with the Talent Acquisition team to grow the diversity of the the candidates pipeline in the hiring process.

People managers supporting materials: